A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency SINCE 1980
A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency            SINCE 1980




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Meet Veronica

This stylish young lady has a complete bag of fun and games. She is versatile and knowlegable in many areas. Ask and she will provide. Veronica is equipped for most requests and aims to please. 



  • Height: 5'10"

  • Weight: 139

  • Brown hair

  • Brown eyes

  • 36C-26-36

Veronica is multi-facited. If you want someone to listen with caring ears, this sensitive lady is for you. If you are in a hurry and want someone who can make the moment feel special, you won't be disappointed. If you want experience this lady is who you want to visit.


Veronica has been with Best Entertainment Agency for many years. She is honest, loyal and reliable.


A.AApris/Best Memphis Escorts/Best Entertainment Agency has relied on Veronica for many years and has never been disappointed. She will not  disappoint you, either. Whatever your need or desire, she is always wanting to make your experience a memorable one! 










 Safe Honest Trusted Discreet



Try the BEST since 1980

"You Won't be Disappointed!"









"Setting the Standards of   Excellence" for 38 years




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We are A.AApris

Best Entertainment Agency and

Best Memphis Escorts.


The #1



providing the Best discreet escorts since 1980.








Best Entertainment Agency






The Most Successful

Adult Entertainment Agency

for over 38 Years




Mississippi Arkansas

Alabama Tennessee and

  The Entire Mid-South





There has never been a more Honest and Trustworthy Agency. Why risk your safety and health with anyone on the net who can change cities and locations and her name in a moment's notice. The Women of Best Entertainment Agency are all contracted and interviewed at length. All of the ladies are expected to uphold the highest of standards. YOU WILL be Glad YOU CALLED 901-527-2460









































Every Lady affiliated with A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency is an independent model /adult entertainer. The Best in Memphis provides these entertainers with the understanding they prefer to keep their private life private and therfore provide you with their undevided attention.









The photos are of actual

Models/ Escorts. All photgraphs are taken by the owner and with the permission of the ladies.









No unflattering photos of  body parts are displayed.

No spread leg pictures or pornographic photos are taken or displayed.











We are proud to be an exclusive upscale agency representing  clean upscale women for discreet  respectful gentlemen.











Remember, when you want the Best You Need to CALL the BEST.




























Started in New Orleans the summer of 1980, A.AApris, as we were known then, began with a promise to be Honest and Always treat our clients with the Respect deserved.







Almost 40 years later, A.AApris aka Best Entertainment Agency is still Providing Safe Honest Trusted Discreet Adult Entertainment in the Privacy of your chosen location.








Almost 40 years later, A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency still show proper respect to all our clients.









Almost 40 years later, A.AApris, now known as Best Entertainment Agency, is still owned by the same owner who still offers the Best in the mid-south.

















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Always Providing










Always Honest









Always Safe














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No Problems


























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