The Best of Memphis and Mid-South
The Best of Memphis and Mid-South
Best Entertainment Agency and Aapris Agency are offering the sexiest models, and the most sensual escorts in the Memphis and surrounding areas.
      Best Entertainment Agency and Aapris Agency are offering the sexiest models, and the most sensual escorts in the Memphis and surrounding areas.               

All You Need to Know

Founded 1980



Best Entertainment Agency

Best Memphis Escorts


Has consistently provided Safe Honest Adult Entertainment

without hidden charges, such as tip requirements

without hidden charges, such as donation requirements

and without false or exaggerated claims.




Independent Escorts

will often leave early

take your money and begin asking for more

calling it donations or tips or presents


Independent Escorts

Move from town to town

one step ahead of the law


Independent Escorts

often have drivers, managers,

drug and alcohol habits.


Best Entertainment Agency


the behavior as listed above


CALL: 901-527-2460


Safe Honest Adult Enterrtainment

in the discreet comforts of your own location

SINCE 1980



For over 38 Years

No Agency has been TRUSTED Longer

No Agency is More Respected

No Agency has been Copied More Often

No other Agency has over 37 Years of providing

Safe Honest and Discreet Adult Entertainment


As You Navigate through the pages of our Web-Site

you will find all the information you will need.


Fees depend upon location.

Fees are always Truthful and exact.

Tips are never required

Tips are never accepted as barter

Tips are rewards for services rendered well





The names of the Models and their descriptions

can be found by entering Our Agency, at the top of the page.


Each Lady is accurately portrayed.


The photos of each named lingerie Model/Escort is real.


We try to update availability of all the Models

~~~ CALL 901-527-2460 ~~~

to Set Your Appointment


A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency

has consistently been THE #1 TRUSTED Agency

providing Safe Honest Adult Entertainment

in a discreet and professional manner SINCE 1980



While other Agencies will call themselves #1 in all different ways

and all different categories, The TRUTH is

ONLY A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency has consistently been

THE #1 Adult Entertainment Agency SINCE 1980.


Other Agencies call themselves Original

Other Agencies call themselves #1


There are older agencies in other parts of the country.

We respect their originality and longevity.


We are proud to work with some of the most respected in the industry

and often will recommed them to our long established traveling clients.


We are also PROUD to be one of the OLDEST and MOST RESPECTED AGENCIES

providing Safe Honest Discreet Adult Entertainment for over 37 Years.




A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency

THE ORIGINAL:  founded over 37 years ago

by Barry Lewis,   a radio personality known as TheBroadwayBear

since 1972.


"Bear" is  proud of his background in entertainment, not only in radio, television, film and stage, but as the owner of A.AApris

Best Entertainment Agency and Best Memphis Escorts. 


It is no wonder his name and the name of his business is

"Often Copied......Never Duplicated!"


Make No Mistakes:


CALL 901-527-2460 Today

 A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency and Best Memphis Escorts 







It is easy to make claims,

but Claims rarely stand up to time.




Call the Oldest and Most Exclusive Adult Entertainment Agency


 A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency 



Enjoy our Web-Site. We hope you will find all the information you need.

As always, feel free to call 901-527-2460 at any time.


"You won't be disappointed" with the professionalism, the style, the honesty

and the up-scale entertainment provided by 

the ONLY ORIGINAL AGENCY founded 1980.


WECOME to the Wonderful World of

A.AApris /Best Entertainment Agency









The Best Service

Honest Fees

No Tip Demands

Stylish Ladies

Well-Respected and THE MOST TRUSTED for Over 37 Years

providing Safe Honest Adult Entertainment for Men, Women & Couples




"You won't be disappointed!"


A.AApris/Best Entertainment Agency


"Quality Beyond All Others"

THE BEST since 1980

Honest, Integrity and Respect is just three reasons why

 A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency remains

THE #1 Adult Entertainment Agency


Our Models/Escorts are the Cream of the Crop.

They are Not former club dancers.

They are Not passing through town

They are Not known drug users

They do not have drivers or "personal managers"

They have never been accused of theft



are your next door neighbor,

well dressed, well spoken and

attractive citizens of Memphis

and surrounding areas.


Our Models/Escorts present themselves

professionally and will never require

tips in advance for services.


"You won't be disappointed!"



Honest Opportunities ...... earn cash daily

You may have seen other agency claims.

One Agency says you will earn $1000 to $1500 per day/shift


Another Agency suggest as much as $5000 per day.


Work Two Days for the other guy.

If you don't have a minimum

of $2000 in your pocket as advertisesd


CALL 901-527-2460


an HONEST AGENCY for over 37 Years

offering Honest Career Opportunities

Quality Above All Others

The Quality of Ladies Far Exceeds ALL Others


Our 37 Year Reputation as an

Honest Agency with Superior Models

has stood the test of time.


While Others try to Copy Our Ways

A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency

is the ONLY Up-Scale and Exclusive Agency

providing Safe Honest Discreet Adult Entertainment

no tips required



PHONE 901-527-2460

Why Settle for Less

Call the Best



"You won't be disappointed!"





serving Memphis

and the mid-south



We Aim to Please






Always Hiring

Only The BEST



 Safe Honest Trusted Discreet


 since 1980

"You Won't be Disappointed!"









"Setting the Standards of   Excellence" for 40 years




Call Today:

901 527-2460

"Quality Above all Others"





Go to each section of our Website.

You will see photos, gain information and enjoy getting to know THE BEST

ESCORTS of MEMPHIS and surrounding areas




We are A.AApris

Best Entertainment Agency and

Best Memphis Escorts.


The #1



providing the Best discreet escorts since 1980.








Best Entertainment Agency






The Most Successful

Adult Entertainment Agency

for over 39 Years




Mississippi Arkansas

Alabama Tennessee and

  The Entire Mid-South





There has never been a more Honest and Trustworthy Agency. Why risk your safety and health with anyone on the net who can change cities and locations and her name in a moment's notice. The Women of Best Entertainment Agency are all contracted and interviewed at length. All of the ladies are expected to uphold the highest of standards. YOU WILL be Glad YOU CALLED 901-527-2460





















Safe Honest Trusted Discreet


"you won't be disappointed






The Best since 1980

No drugs

No drivers

No drama

No upsells











Every Lady affiliated with A.AApris / Best Entertainment Agency is an independent model 


The Best in Memphis provides adult entertainers with the understanding they provide you with their undevided attention.









The photos are of actual

Models/ Escorts. All photgraphs are taken by the owner and with the permission of the ladies.









No unflattering photos of  body parts are displayed.

No spread leg pictures or pornographic photos are taken or displayed.











We are proud to be an exclusive upscale agency representing  clean upscale women for discreet  respectful gentlemen.











Remember, when you want the Best You Need to CALL the BEST.






















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